The Value of Rote Learning

In past centuries, few people were taught to read and write. Most of them had little need for this type of learning as they were...


Progression to Complex Concepts

Students who have learned their first lessons well are expected to advance into more complex concepts, but it is not always an easy path for...


Beginning Alphabet and Numbers

Songs are popular with people of all ages, and even those who fail to remember important information appear able to memorize the words to songs...

Children who have yet to set foot in school are often taught many lessons, and it helps them when they are fun and easy. For them, learning is nothing more than a series of games to be played. They learn to count up to whatever is the expected number in their area, but they do not understand they are learning. The songs that accompany the information make it easy to remember, and there are often characters that are fun to watch teaching them. It might seem as if this is the perfect way for small children to learn, but it can hamper their abilities once they are in the classroom.

Educators for the very young understand the environment in which children have already begun learning, but they must also prepare them for the future. While it helps children to be able to memorize a song about numbers or letters, making all learning experiences fun is unrealistic. Educators know that students will eventually be faced with more difficult concepts, so they need to teach them how to learn in an environment that does not necessarily make it fun or easy for them to remember information.